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Red Key just keeps on growing

Red Key Property Services was born out of its founder’s (Jamie Langley) desire to do things properly, having seen large property letting companies forget the value of their customers.

He started the business in Watford, where he was living, and saw it establish a small but loyal group of clients in the area. Then, a few years ago, the company took on a group of properties in South Wales and a new era was born for Red Key. A bold move to set up an office in Newport helped to establish a growing portfolio of properties in the area and attract many more satisfied customers.

And now Red Key has grown again… the company now operates out of four offices: in Newport, Cardiff, Bristol and most recently in Swansea. This enables it to cover the entire South West corridor; from Swansea and Cardiff, through Newport, to Bristol and Gloucester, then down to Taunton and throughout Somerset, whilst still wandering up to the realms of Watford and Hertfordshire and maintaining the original clients.

So the company may not be painting the ‘whole’ country RED just yet but it is certainly increasing the number of towns which are covered by its brush and enjoying true customer service. Red Key has bold plans to keep growing in the coming months and years; but one thing that will never make it onto the agenda… is outgrowing its customers’ needs.

Whilst the business continues to enjoy the success which always results from doing a job really well, Jamie and his experienced, friendly team of local experts are committed to always staying close to the foundation principles upon which the business was built. This is the very same motivation that led to Red Key Property Services being created in the first place.

To make sure that the value of each customer is never underestimated and that their satisfaction will always come first.

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