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To protect your money, use a SAFE agent…

There is an interesting relationship between cost, risk and safety in any area of life; be it sport, education, business… or even a simple trip to the shops.

The one of these three elements which most emphasis is placed upon can have a huge effect on the other two. For example; any gambler will tell you that the bigger the risk the bigger the ‘potential’ return; an accountant will tell you that profit is made by reducing cost; and somewhere between the two of these dwells an area known as ‘safety’.

When it comes to investing in property, certainly for the long-term, most people are not interested in taking a gamble… large investment, lots of variables, an element of risk; why would you? But then again, to attempt to get into property ‘on the cheap’ is also an unwise strategy… red tape and legal issues, insurances, unpredictable  tenants, maintenance agreements etc… the obvious answer is use a professional letting agent.

This brings you to the question of ‘safe’. How do you know who to trust, what experience they have, and how they are going to look after YOUR MONEY? There are a number of tried and tested ways, which incidentally are also relevant in most business sectors. Namely, check out their experience and history, read through their testimonials, and look at their quality accreditations and associations.

Red Key is a registered SAFE Agent (Safe Agent Fully Endorsed) which means that it uses a ‘client money protection scheme’ to protect both its landlords’ and tenants’ money.

One of the critical elements of this scheme includes operating separate accounts so that its clients’ money is kept separately from the company’s operating funds. So our advice would always be; to stay safe, minimise the gamble, and let the cost pay for itself.

Find out more about Safe Agents here:


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